Donate to our Cause

For the residents of Warringah and indeed Australia, we will most likely never be in this position again. A deeply unpopular former prime minister who was so out of touch with what mattered to Australians has decided to re-contest this seat and perhaps will one day seek to reclaim the throne.

The voter in Warringah has a real choice by selecting a candidate who listens, has worked in small business and in her community, (not hot-housed in Canberra) and understands what matter to us.

But we need to get this message out to as many people and this requires a range of resources. As an independent party which refuses to bow to the interests of union or big business lobby groups we seek to finance this campaign with donors not owners. We do not have the funds or infrastructure of the big party machines so we are very much reliant on our volunteers and of course those supporters who will donate to our cause.

As a grass-roots campaign we need your help. Small or large, your contribution will not go to waste. We will use every cent to create change for this electorate and to make a meaningful difference where it counts – in Canberra.

Please give what you can and let’s bring Warringah back into the 21st century.

Thank you.

To donate please visit our donation page on the website