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The Environment & Sustainable Living

Maintaining and sustaining the beauty and richness found in nature on the Northern Beaches is very important to the people of Warringah. Similarly, looking at viable, environmentally sensitive and cost-effective ways of generating power is undeniably a priority.

We reject the positions of extremists on both sides of the political debate surrounding environmental protection and climate change. Whether or not people believe in anthropogenic climate change (and I do), there are no good reasons for resisting changes that give us cleaner air and water, that help to diversify and therefore secure our energy future and that protect our precious natural heritage from exploitation and destruction. I believe that the ideology on one side unnecessarily alarms and intimidates business and industry, and that the ideological position on the other side hamstrings efforts to safeguard our future.

It’s worth noting that a significant part of Warringah is coastal. This means that safeguarding our environment is vital in terms of protecting the coastal population, and also the infrastructure that connects parts of our community to the rest of Sydney, the nation and the world.

As for energy – once again it really doesn’t matter how people feel about fossil fuels, the fact of the matter is that they’re a finite resource and that their excessive use damages our environment. Regardless of innovations in extraction, there is no getting away from the fact that at some point we are going to run out of coal and oil. To stubbornly persist in an almost total dependence on these resources while simultaneously failing to encourage the development of alternative sources of energy strikes me as being questionably sane.

We believe in a common-sense, practical doctrine of sustainable use, balancing the need to live in and use our environment with our moral duty to pass on to our children a world that is not only fit for habitation, but at least as pleasant to live in as the one that exists now.