It’s Time For Change, And You Can Help Us Make History!

It’s hardly a state secret that the current political establishment does not primarily exist to serve the people. Somehow, our system of representative democracy has gone badly astray, with our elected representatives serving their parties and their donors ahead of their actual employers – the people of Australia.

This can’t be right. Why do we just accept that we should pay for large salaries and generous pensions so that politicians can devote all the hours of their days to simply staying in power? Or even worse, to staunchly defending beliefs and ideologies that are no longer relevant to today’s Australia? Why is it that we simply sit and watch as progressive programs with broad public support are gutted to placate the anxieties of a militantly conservative minority? Why do we seem to just accept the idea that big business, big donors and party backers can and will run our country to serve their own interests?

I’d say it’s because there hasn’t really been an alternative. Well now there is. The Nick Xenophon Team is all about changing the way politics is carried out in Australia. We think that Australians deserve representatives who weigh issues on their merits, who make decisions based on evidence and consultation and who understand that their primary job in Canberra is to serve the interests of ordinary Australians.

I’m an ordinary Australian, and I firmly believe that we can make this change happen. But I need your help. I don’t have a massive party machine behind me, or big corporate donors. If we want to take back the government of Australia, I’m going to need your help.

If you’d like a candidate who:

  • Believes in equality for all,
  • Believes in evaluating issues on evidence rather than ideology,
  • Believes that government should be directly accountable to its, citizens,
  •  And believes that her only job as an MP is to fight for the interests of her constituents,

Please help us to help you by making a donation here, or by clicking on the ‘donate’ button at the top right of this page. It doesn’t matter if it’s ten dollars or a hundred – every little bit helps, and every cent of the money we receive will go towards putting the ‘representative’ back into representative democracy.

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