Politics in the Pub

Every month, my team and I head on down to a few of the local pubs and invite members of the community to come down and tell us what they want for Warringah and from their Federal MP.

The last couple of times we did this, it was a highly rewarding experience. Supporters and members of the local community came down and we had a great discussion about what we saw as the key issues for the people of Warringah.


It’s no secret that house prices in our electorate are significantly above the national average. Leaving aside the direct long term effects of having a wildly over-priced housing market, it was pointed out that there are many ripple effects that have a direct impact on quality of life. We want to look at ways to try to protect private housing from the increasing commodification of the market. We firmly believe that it’s possible to do this while also protecting the investments of those who have already purchased property. There must be a middle way.


It’s becoming abundantly clear that current provisions for childcare for working parents are simply not working. It cannot possibly be that difficult to create a fair, equitable and effective system for the provision/subsidy of childcare. If we want greater participation in the workplace, as well as higher birth rates, then we have to do better in this area. We’d like to talk to people about their experience with pre-existing models for childcare and daycare to help us form ideas for a new model, and to evaluate existing and proposed models.


This is a no-brainer really. As a beaches resident, I share the deep-rooted, practically Pavlovian impulse to protect our natural environment, both at a local and a national level. I’m becoming increasingly concerned about the fragmentation and politicization of environmental protection and conservation programs. We want to talk to people about their experiences with environmental protection – how it affects their lives for better or for worse, and what locals see as environmental priorities for Warringah.

The next Politics in the Pub is on Wed 3rd Feb 2016 at the Ivanhoe Hotel, Manly.

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