An Independent Warringah

Warringah has always been a unique and independent part of Sydney. With its own distinct culture and environment, our sunny beaches, verdant northern reaches and wide open spaces have been reflected in our values of generosity, openness and optimism.

We believe that the majority of the people of Warringah want to be part of a country that is compassionate, inclusive and truly democratic. We believe that the people of Warringah are far more interested in the sensible and efficient running of the nation than they are in being sold a political ideology. We believe that the people of Warringah want a member who understands that our vision of the future is driven by aspiration rather than anxiety, and common sense rather than fear.

Party politics has overtaken these ideas, leaving the community behind. What matters to us has essentially been hijacked by an agenda that is determined without real reference to our community. I want to be an independent voice for Warringah at a Federal level. The people of Warringah deserve a member who will focus on the issues that matter to them, from transport to housing affordability to childcare, amongst others.

I want to implement a sensible, non-partisan approach that works in the best interests of the people who actually live in this community. I firmly believe that policy makers should be embedded in same world as those for whom they are making policy.

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